Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love is in the Air

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord. Proverbs 12:22

Love is in the air. It isn’t that stuff that is turning your car yellow and making you sneeze. That’s probably oak pollen. Love is that intangible feeling that turns otherwise rational young men into hopeless romantics. And, we got to see it in action in our office this week.

Our administrative aide in the office proposed to the woman of his dreams. He carefully orchestrated the event, gathering family members from both sides together for a dinner just blocks from the Capitol. Everyone was aware of the plan except for the lucky girl and the poor waiter who could not imagine why he was being rushed so much.

But, the plan was carefully orchestrated. After being seated at the table, the lucky man excused himself for a few minutes to go to the Capitol and make a trail of notes for the bride to be to follow at the appointed time. It began at the south entrance to the Capitol grounds and ended with a bouquet of roses at the front mic on the House floor. Upon his return, we scarfed down our food and all said our good-byes to each other.

While the special couple began the leisurely walk that would end on the House floor, the remainder of us rushed to the House gallery. We had all been invited to participate as spectators to that special moment when Michael went down on one knee and offered the ring as the pledge of his eternal love to that special girl.

The moment came as they walked into the House Chambers below us. He walked her toward the front mic and handed her a note to read. She paused to read the note with a smile on her face and turned toward him. Not wanting to miss a second of the action, her dad snapped a picture just as she was turning. She saw the flash out of the corner of her eye and looked up, startled to see both her family and his beaming down at them from the seats above her.

The secret was out. Michael went down on one knee, asked her something we couldn’t hear and offered up the ring. We had no difficulty discerning the answer, but just to make sure she shouted up to us, “That was a ‘yes!’” The rest of the evening was all hugs and smile as we congratulated the happy couple.

It was a delightful break in an otherwise hectic work day.

Did I mention that the girl of Michael’s dreams is my youngest daughter? He has found a good thing.

Lord, thank you for bringing Michael and Kristi together. May You always be at the center of their relationship. Amen

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